Map:Plan of late antique Ephesus. 1.Gymnasium of Vedius; 2.Stadium; 3.Church of St Mary; 4.Governor's Palace; s.Baths of Constantius; 6.ruined Palaestra, eventually covered with houses; 7.Theater
Gymnasium; 8.possible synagogue; 9.Harbor gates; 10.Arcadians; 11.Theater; 12.villa above Theater; 13.Agora; 14.Temple of Serapis; 15.Library of Celsus; 16.Roman monuments; 17.private dwellings; 18.Baths of Scholasticia; 19.Temple of Hadrian; 20.partment houses; 21.Embolus; 22.arch; 23.Teinple of Domitian; 24.Prytancum; 25.houses; 26.Senate House; 27.Bath of Varies; 28.Basilica; 29.Upper Agora;
30.Nymphaeum; 31.'Tomb of St Luke'